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Cleaning Your Bath Tub

Any abrasive or strong chemical cleaners can have a detrimental effect on your bath tub.

Check the bath tub manufacturer's instructions for any recommended cleaning product - different bath materials require different cleaners so be careful (one recent bathroom cleaner was perfectly safe to use on acrylic baths but took all the enamel off cast iron baths!)

As well as the bath surface there are other components that you have to take into consideration when cleaning your bath tub. The bath taps, bath waste and also bath grips (if fitted) might not be as resistant to the cleaning material recommended by the bath tub manufacturer. This is especially relevant if you have selected products from different manufactures as opposed to buying a complete bathroom suite. Gold effect bath grips, wastes and taps can be severely damaged by strong chemical cleaners containing bleach etc - again check with the manufacturers instructions to see if there is a product that they recommend.


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