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Bathroom Decoration

Choosing the right bathroom floor coverings and deciding how you are going to decorate the walls of your bathroom will make more of a difference to your bathroom's appearance than your choice of a new bathroom suite, so it is important to get it right.



With this in mind you need to carefully consider which decoration products best suit your bathroom, - and your budget!.

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There are several new products that have entered the bathroom decoration market in recent years that have seen their popularity grow year on year: laminate flooring has seen a huge surge in sales; waterproof wall panelling has established a foot-hold in the UK after years of successful use on the continent; non-slip vinyl flooring for bathrooms is also a popular choice especially if installing a wet room.

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If you are looking to remodel your bathroom then your choice of decorating materials can have more of an effect on the overall look of the finished project than the bathroom suite itself.