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Roll Top Bath

Roll top baths have always been popular for Victorian style bathrooms, but manufacturers are now also making freestanding baths for use in modern bathroom designs.

The traditional design baths tend to be supplied with "claw" feet which are sometimes provided in white but are sometimes supplied in a metalic finish (or indeed in some cases can be solid metal). Originally roll top baths would have been made from cast iron but now modern composite materials are available as an alternative.

Roll top bath sizes are normally slightly larger than the standard 1700x700mm and because the baths are very deep they tend to hold a lot of water - up to 250litres.

When choosing any large bath, as well as making sure your heating system is up to the task of filling it, you should also ensure that the bathroom floor can take the extra weight. Another thing to take into consideration is the pipework supply the bath and also the waste pipe. Stand pipes and waste pipes need to be ducted down through the floor beneath the bath otherwise all of the pipework will be visible. This is usually relatively straightforward if there are floorboards with a void below but not so easy on a solid masonry floor.

As roll top baths are freestanding they tend to look their best in large bathrooms - check our bathroom design section for more details - especially if they are in the modern style with a wooden surround or framework. Fitting them right in to a corner doesn't do the bath justice and can make the overall design appear cramped.



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