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Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom accessory market has really taken off since the arrival of the internet.

Bathroom accessories can really make a difference when it comes to giving your bathroom that finishing touch and the choice available online is vast.

The huge choice of bathroom accessories means that you are guaranteed to find something that will suit your style, taste and pocket.

The standard sort of items available include:

  • toilet roll holder
  • soap dish
  • towel rail
  • towel ring
  • robe hook
  • bathroom shelf
  • toilet brush
  • toothbrush holder

but other accessories are also available - such as soap dispensers.

bathroom accessories

Some bathroom manufacturers make accessories that match other products in their range, such as taps, which helps tie the overall bathroom design together.

The materials used to make bathroom accessories include wood, foil wrapped MDF, chrome, brass, stainless steel, glass, ceramic and plastic. Cheap bathroom accessories typically utilise chrome plate on steel. These are not ideal as they steel can rust and will eventually show through the chrome - better quality fitting use chrome plate on brass. Gold effect accessories usually consist of a chrome fitting with a thin, electro-plated gold effect finish. Care should be taken when cleaning these accessories as many bathroom cleaners contain bleach or mild abrasives both of which can have an adverse effect on the surface.


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