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Baths - Big and Small

Baths are available in all shapes and sizes so it can be a bit of a challenge deciding on the right bath for you.

A standard bath length in the UK is 1700mm or 5'6" but you can buy small baths that are 1500mm (or less) in length, while there are some very large baths available in the luxury market.

A small bath will not offer enough "lying down" room for a person of average height, although some are designed to be very short but also deep - a sit bath - so that you are effectively sitting up in the bath. An alternative might be to think about installing a large shower cubicle instead of a small bath but it really depends on personal taste and household requirements (baths tend to be used for households with small children).

If buying a large bath you should ensure your heating system is up to the task of filling it but small baths do not suffer from this problem as their capacity tends to be smaller. They can be made from various materials including enamelled steel, cast iron or acrylic. Grips to aid ingress and egress may also be built into the bath depending on the design.

Baths can be separated into three basic types - straight baths, freestanding baths and corner baths. Theone you choose will depend upon taste, the space avilable within your bathroom design and budget.


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