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Bathroom Basins

Bathroom basins can be divided into three different basic types - basins with pedestals, wall-hung basins and vanity basins.The basin that you choose for your bathroom will depend upon several factors including cost, the amount of space you have, the look you are trying to achieve and physical hurdles such as pipe runs. See our bathroom design section for more details.



A basin and pedestal is the most common option in the UK and is normally the cheapest. The weight of the basin is taken by the pedestal so this is the ideal option if you have weak walls or a stud wall without a suitable brace where the basin is to be sited.

bathroom basin

Glass basins have increased in popularity with customers looking to add an edge to their bathroom design. They tend to be more expensive to buy and are not always the most practical solution (they tend to show soap and toothpaste residue more than a china basin) but there can be no doubt the visual impact a glass basin can have.

Vanity basins are used in conjunction with a vanity unit and offer the customer much needed bathroom storage space. These are usually sunk into the countertop surface with all of the supply & waste pipework being hidden inside the cabinet, although this type of basin can also be used with a washstand which offers open shelf storage but can leave the pipework visible.

Most bathroom basins in the UK are available with a choice of either one or two tap holes. Two tap hole basins use conventional basin taps whereas one tap hole basins require the use of a monoblock basin mixer. Two taps hole basins also have a small hole for the chain and plug the monoblock mixer used on one tap hole basins usually have a built in pop-up waste with the plug incorporated. There are some three tap hole basins are available in the UK, but these are less common.