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Buy A Bathroom Suite

The "complete suite" option is the most common route people take when they buy a bathroom suite. Bath, basin, pedestal, toilet pan, cistern, taps, seat and bath panel are all included in a one-stop-shop package deal.



When you buy a bathroom suite as a package you normally get a cheaper price than if you were to buy the bathroom components separately. The amount of options open to you will vary from retailer to retailer - you might have a choice of tap style or colours - but your ability to mix and match components will usually be quite limited.

Most independent bathroom retailers will offer you the option of mixing and matching different components when you buy a bathroom suite. This will enable you to buy a bathroom suite that meets any specific criterior that you set (style, dimensions, price etc.)

If you do decide to buy a bathroom suite using the "Mix and Match" principle, be sure to check out our Bathroom Design section for further advice.

Buy A Bathroom Suite Online

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