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Bathroom Showers

The big question when thinking about installing a shower in your bathroom is should you install an overbath shower or a shower cubicle - if you have the room fit both!

Unfortunately the size of most UK bathrooms dictates that you will have to choose one or the other, so we have provided plenty of information to help you reach a decision.



On Tubz UK there is advice on all sorts of shower for your bathroom including sections dealing with:

  • shower cubicles of all shapes and sizes
  • installing the best shower for your property
  • power showers
  • electric showers
  • mixer showers
  • shower curtains and shower screens

A shower in the bathroom is now seen as a necessity not a luxury. If you rarely use the bath you could consider removing it altogether and installing a luxury shower cubicle in its place. Estate agents will warn you against doing this as it might put off prospective buyers if/when you come to sell your house (especially if they have small children). On the other hand, some buyers will rip out the bathroom or shower room, regardless of how nice it is, as soon as they move in. One thing is for certain, buyers will want some form of shower in the house - so at the end of the day, it's your call.

Quite a few manufacturers have now brought out shower baths with a dedicated showering area at one end. A curved shower screen is fitted at the shower end to keep the spray inside the bath. This is a stylish and painless way to add a bathroom shower if you have no room for a shower cubicle. If you do opt for a shower cubicle in your bathroom then you will have a very large choice with many different shapes and a huge choice of size combinations. Your bathroom might restrict the width of space available for your shower but it is possible to increase the length to compensate. Certain shaped cubicles will lend themselves better than others in any given space - for example an offset quadrant cubicle can be used in a narrow bathroom where the bath is being replaced with a shower enclosure. This particular design does not have a hard corner and curved away from the line of sight making the room feel less enclosed than would be the case with a rectangular cubicle. The very slight drop in available showering area is more than compensated for in the overall "feel" provided by softening the corner. This can be further improved by use of a frameless design cubicle as they keep the whole design as clear as possible.