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Bathroom Design

If you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom then you will need to address some practical issues as well as settling on a "look" for the overall design.



The practical issues can involve repositioning items or altering the floor plan to achieve the following aims:


As well as fitting in with your taste, the overall style of the bathroom design you require should:


  • suit your property
  • suit the room
  • suit your budget



modern design using bathroom cladding walls

Budget will play a huge part in determining what you can and can't achieve with your bathroom design but the other factors will also play their part. When determining your budget do not forget to include all aspects of the installation that could be affected. For example you might wish to just install a new suite but take into consideration that this is not always possible without having to carry out at least some re-decoration work after the suite has been installed. The sizes of the components might well be different which show any visible damage after the suite has been installed. Materials such as supply pipes, waste pipes, fittings etc can also mount up especially if you have changed the layout of your bathroom design.

Most UK bathrooms are relatively small, so one of the main concerns your bathroom design should address is maximizing the available space. Try to incorporate some storage into your design as having nowhere to stash away toiletries and cleaning products can leave your bathroom looking very cluttered.

Bathroom manufacturers have now realised that they need to offer products that can maximize "dead space" with many introducing corner basins and corner toilets to enable items to placed in parts of the room previously inaccessible.

The aims of  incorporating storage space into your design also applies to large bathrooms and although less critical, minimising dead space and maximising useable space are still relevant.