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Bath Filler

.There are three main types of bath tap:



This section deals with the bath filler but we have plenty of information available on all three.

Most baths come ready drilled with two tap holes which would suit a bath filler such as the one shown above. There are also some mono or one tap hole bath fillers available. This type of tap lends itself to fitting in the corner rather than on the end or side of the bath, so you would need your bath to be drilled to suit.

Another option available is a wall mounted bath filler. This would require you purchase a bath with no tap holes. The pipework for the tap is hidden in the wall, so the wall needs to be of a suitable construction in order for this to be possible.

Bath fillers work in a similar way to a bath shower mixer in that they are fed with hot and cold water which is mixed inside the body of the tap. The mixed warm water can then be directed down to fill the bath except that there is no option to divert the mixed water to up to a shower. The main advantage of a bath filler over standard bath taps is that it is possible to gauge the temperature of the mixed water as it leaves the spout

Most bath fillers work best when the pressure of the hot an cold water supplies to the tap are the same, and some will only work with high pressure systems such as combination boilers so it is always worth checking before you buy.