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Bathroom Furniture

Most bathrooms contain the usual array of toiletries - soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brushes etc - which can quickly make the room look cluttered especially when you add in all of the other cosmetic and cleaning products. By installing plenty of bathroom furniture the clutter can be stowed away to give your bathroom a more open appearance while remaining practical and functional.



Bathroom furniture can take many forms. The most common form of storage is the bathroom cabinet. This can be a one-off cabinet or could be part of a more comprehensive furniture installation. A vanity unit is another common item commonly used to house large volumes of bits and pieces that would otherwise be in full view.

If your storage needs are not met by these two solutions then some more extensive bathroom furniture will be required, the two options being

There are pros and cons to both types of furniture, highlighted in the following sections, but both options will help boost the storage capacity of any bathroom.

Fitted Bathroom Furniture

If you are looking for comprehensive storage in your bathroom then very little can beat fitted bathroom furniture for sheer capacity. They are very solid once installed and offer a very large choice of sizes, finishes, designs, handles etc. Many manufacturers offer a range of products to match the units to help blend the furniture;in with the rest of the bathroom, such as bath panels and toilet seats. The sheer quantity of available units can be a bit overwhelming; if you are trying to design the installation yourself and there are many things to take into consideration before purchasing but many showrooms will offer a design service to help with this aspect. Built in bathroom furniture can end up costing quite a lot as the number of individual items required can soon mount up so make sure your budget can stretch to include everything you need for the installation. As these units need to be installed they will have to be left with the property if you ever decide to move house.

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Free Standing Bathroom Furniture

Free standing furniture can be a quick and easy fix to a shortage of storage space in the bathroom. Tall cupboards are a very popular item as they can offer a large amount of storage space while taking up hardly any storage space. The great advantage of free standing furniture is that it can be taken with you if you move house. These type of units are a little less solid if left completely free standing so sometimes they can be fixed to the wall with a small bracket to help steady them and prevent them toppling over (especially taller units). Items of free-standing furniture are usually cheaper than their built-in counterparts so can prove to be good value for money. The choice of shapes and sizes can also be a little more limited than fitted furniture (fitted furniture by its very nature needs a wide choice of sizes to enable the units to be fitted in available space).

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