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Toilet Design

Although there are a large number of toilet designs on the market these days they all fall into one of one of the following types - close coupled, low level, high level back to wall & wall hung.



close coupled toilet pan and cistern  low level toilet csitern  high level cistern  back to wall pan and concealed cistern  wall hung toilet pan

There is a detailed page on each of the different toilet designs accessed via the menu on the left or clicking an image above.

Each type of toilet is suited to a particular situation or designed to tie-in with an overall theme.

The close coupled design is now the most common toilet style in the UK, and has a neater look than the low level and high level cisterns that went before it.

The back to wall toilet design is even neater it uses a concealed cistern, hidden in a carcase that also conceals all of the pipework. There are also wall hung versions of this type of pan that do not touch the floor.