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Concealed Cistern

Concealed cisterns and back to wall pans are normally installed in conjunction with built-in vanity furniture. The WC unit, in which the cistern is concealed, hides all of the pipework enabling a very neat bathroom design to be achieved.



A back to wall toilet pan is used and a flushpipe runs down from the cistern, concealed inside the unit and into the back of the pan. Access to the cistern must be maintained, so most concealed WC units have a removable front panel and some form of access hatch in the countertop above the cistern.

Prior to recent changes in water regulations extended cistern levers had to be used but now many come with push button flushes which are neater and easier to operate. These regulations have also meant that cisterns can be made smaller due the lower volumes of water specified for flushing, making them small enough to be able to be maintained from the front without requiring access from the top, and negating the need for an access hatch (but they still require a removeable panel on the fitted bathroom furniture WC unit.


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