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Bathroom Basin

Traditionally,  a bathroom basin would come from one of three different basic categories - basins with pedestals, wall-hung basins and vanity basins.



However, with customers becoming ever more design conscious, there are now a many variations on these themes, such as glass bowls and china bowls.

bathroom basin

The basin that you choose for your bathroom will depend upon several factors including the amount of space you have, the look you are trying to achieve, cost and physical hurdles such as pipe runs. See our bathroom design section for more details.

Most bathroom basins in the UK are available with a choice of either one or two tap holes. Two tap hole basins use conventional basin taps whereas one tap hole basins require the use of a monoblock basin mixer. There are some three tap hole basins are available in the UK, but these are less common. Some basins have no holes for the taps as they are designed to be used with wall mounted taps or tall pedestal taps that are mounted on a vanity counter-top.

A bathroom sink with pedestal is the most common option in the UK and is normally the cheapest. Glass bathroom sinks have increased in popularity with customers looking to add an edge to their bathroom design. Vanity basins are used in conjunction with a vanity unit and offer the customer much needed bathroom storage space.