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Basin and Pedestal

In the UK the most popular type of bathroom sink is the basin with pedestal. They can be installed on any wall, as most of the basin weight is supported by the pedestal.



The pedestal also helps to hide the supply and waste pipes attached to the basin, although this is only really effective when viewing from the front as they are open when viewed from the side.

Bathroom sinks come in huge range of shapes, styles, colours, and sizes, and because they are the most popular type of sink used in UK bathrooms they are also the cheapest. It is also usually cheaper to buy a sink and pedestal as part of a set, complete with w.c and cistern (sometimes referred to as a set of pottery or set of 4)

Scallops, rope edges and shell shaped bathroom sinks are all giving way to gentle curves and clean, geometric shapes as the emphasis for modern design has taken hold.

If you mixing and matching, making up your own bathroom suite, be sure the taps you choose have a long enough reach as the tap positions on basins are not standard with the holes being further away from the bowl area (especially some of the large Victorian style basins).

The design of the bathroom sink has changed more than any other item in the bathroom over the last few years with glass bowls and wall mounted basins now becoming a standard in many bathrooms.