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Glass Basin

The rise in popularity of contemporary bathroom design has meant that many that edge products are available in the UK at mid-price or even at the budget end of the market. The glass basin is a typical example of one such product.



Depending on the design, a glass basin can be wall mounted, pedestal mounted or used in conjunction with a bathroom vanity unit. They can also be shelf mounted making them versatile when attempting to pull-together all of the strands of your bathroom design.

Most glass basins are designed to be used in conjunction with a specific basin tap mixer, basin waste and basin trap, and are consequently sold as a "package". If you decide to buy these items separately it is essential that you are told which types of taps, waste and trap are suitable for use with choice of glass basin. Try and buy the glass basin, mixer tap and waste from the same source, to avoid any problems.

The majority of china basins have an overflow built into them, so that if the plug is left in and the tap is left running the water will escape down a channel into the waste - most glass sinks do not have an overflow which might be an important consideration if you have small children in the house. Another downside of the glass basin is that they need to wiped over a lot more frequently than a standard china basin as any soap marks or toothpaste marks are instantly visible.