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Bathroom Storage

No matter how large or small your bathroom, it seems that you can never have enough storage space!



Bathroom storage can take many forms and we have plenty of information on these pages to guide you through all of the various options open to you.

The most basic form of bathroom storage is the bathroom shelf, which is useful for storing clutter but still leaves it visible. Several of these can be fitted around the bathroom to ensure there is adequate storage around the basin area, near the bath or in a shower area. Bathroom shelving can be made from glass, metal, plastic, ceramic or wood.

Soaps, bottles and toiletries that tend to mount up in the average bathroom, so some form of cupboard is needed if you want to hide all the clutter away from sight.

A bathroom cabinet is the easiest and cheapest form of cupboard, and these are available in many different shapes sizes and styles. Corner cabinets are ideal if you have limited wall space, but will hold less than larger two or three door cabinets.

If you require a more realistic amount of storage space a vanity unit or even built-in bathroom furniture can be installed (providing you have the room). The downside of this type of storage is that can eat up floor space, so If space is at a premium there are several tall, slim freestanding storage units available that will swallow most of the usual bits and pieces that lie around the bathroom.