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Bathroom Cabinet

A bathroom cabinet is an excellent way of hiding much of the "clutter" that accumulates in the bathroom.



The majority of cabinets are designed to be mounted on a flat wall but there are some that are designed to fit into the corner of the bathroom. Corner bathroom cabinets take up slightly less wall space than a standard unit but will offer less storage space as a consequence.

bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinets come in variety of shapes and sizes. Most have mirror doors which then negates the need to have a separate bathroom mirror. Some have glass doors but unless the glass is frosted the clutter will be visible through the doors. There are also those cabinets that have built in lighting which comes in useful for shaving or applying make-up. These will need to be hooked up to the mains electricity supply via appropriate cabling and will usually offer a shaver point inside the unit as well.

All these cabinets will offer a degree of bathroom storage space but not take the volume of toiletries or cleaning products that bathroom furniture or a vanity unit will cope with.