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Vanity Unit

Installing a vanity unit in your bathroom will greatly increase the volume of bathroom storage available to you and can cover up all of the supply and waste pipes that are run to your basin.



Although some vanity units are made from solid wood, the majority tend to be made from foil wrapped MDF or veneered MDF. Although splash proof you should always wipe down any excess water that gathers on your vanity unit as any water getting into the MDF core will cause damage.

As with most of current bathroom design, white is the most popular choice of colour but other finishes are available including

Depending on the design, the vanity bowl can either sit in the vanity top, can sit on the vanity top, can form the whole of the vanity top or if a marble vanity top is fitted, the bowl can fit under the vanity top. Each of these designs uses a different type of vanity basin - the basin itself can be made from china, acrylic, glass or sometimes stainless steel. There are also some bowls from stone or marble. Each unit will be designed to be used with one type of vanity basin.

If you are thinking of complementing your vanity unit with matching bath panels or toilet seat, it is best to try and source them from the same manufacturer to ensure consistency of colour.

Although they are ideal for storing away bathroom items the amount of storage space that a vanity unit offers will depend on its overall dimensions. Obviously the larger the unit the more it can store - but there are some design issues to consider when installing large units, especially if the room is quite small. Vanity units can eat up quite a bit of floor space - see our bathroom design section for more details.

If you are buying your vanity basin and vanity unit from two different sources always make sure the unit is large enough to take the bowl, as many traditional designs have a lipped edge that needs fit onto the flat surface at the top of the unit.