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High Level Cistern

High level cistern only tend to get used these days where someone is looking to incorporate some period detail into their property or if it is being installed as a direct replacement for an existing toilet.

high level toilet cistern

The cistern is operated by a chain pull rather than a cistern lever. The high level cistern is connected to the toilet pan via a long flushpipe.



This makes positioning the pan a lot easier than is the case with a close coupled toilet, where the cistern is attached directly to the toilet pan.

Most new high level cisterns use a metal flushpipe with a chrome or gold effect finish to tie-in with the rest of the bathroom design.

The toilet pans used with these type of cisterns are generally of the "H.O." design (horizontal outlet) but "P" trap and "S" trap pans can also be used although these are now less common. "S" trap toilet pans are ideal if the soil pipe exits through the floor and space is at a premium, as they are quite a compact design.