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Bathroom Furniture

Built-in bathroom furniture is made up of separate small units and can usually be made to fit into the smallest of bathrooms.



The main components that make up bathroom furniture are:

  • wc unit - houses the concealed cistern
  • basin unit - takes a semi-recessed vanity basin
  • wall unit - replaces a bathroom cabinet
  • countertop - provides a continuous surface over the furniture
  • plinth - omitted on some bathroom furniture designs

There are also various other components available such as full height cupboards (useful for storage larger items such as bathroom towels) drawer units, bidet units, full depth vanity units, cornice, matching bath panels and toilet seats, bridging units, light boxes.

If you have a small bathroom, then your bathroom design should aim to:

  • maximize useable space
  • minimize dead space
  • provide storage space

Built-in bathroom furniture will help you achieve all three.

If your bathroom is large, bathroom furniture can help "fill" large blank walls, as well as providing stylish and practical storage.

Built-in bathroom furniture is similar in concept to kitchen units, in that they are modular, and can be fitted together to create a built-in look. Style wise, these units are also similar to kitchens, with shaker designs, solid colours, gloss white and woodgrain finishes available to give you plenty of choice, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Again, as with kitchens, bathroom furniture can come ready assembled or flat packed. Some manufacturers use one carcass colour and offer different door options, but the better units have colour co-ordinated carcasses. Linen baskets, towel rails and optional door handles may also be offered.

Most manufacturers of bathroom furniture will require the room to be adequately ventilated to ensure humidity levels do not get too high, which could damage the units.