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Basin Taps

When choosing basin taps the main deciding factor will the number of tap holes in your sink. This section deals with standard basin taps that fit a sink with two taps holes. We have another page for basin mixer taps used with a one tap-hole basin (you will sometimes see this abbreviated as 1TH).



The taps designed for a two hole basin are the most common in the UK and therefore the choice available is huge, with something to suit all budgets and tastes. There are many modern designs that tie-in with the current trend towards minimalist, geometric design.

Victorian style wash basins and sinks tend to have two tap holes and as a consequence there are a large number of traditional basin taps around including some very neat designs. Some large Victorian design basins have large flat surfaces around the bowl and can require taps with a long spout to ensure the outlet reaches the bowl.

Sometimes basin taps are available as part of a pack that includes bath taps or a bath shower mixer, and the basin and bath waste. These bath packs are usually a lot cheaper than buying the taps individually and also ensure that all the products match each other - not a major problem with chrome taps, but there are several different shades of "gold" tap available so this can be a bonus.

Chrome is now the dominant finish in the marketplace with gold effect taps becoming less popular. In general chrome taps are a lot harder wearing - you have to very careful with gold effect taps because some makes of bathroom cleaner can have an adverse effect on the finish. Gold effect basin taps are basically a chrome tap with a very thin layer of gold effect metal electro-plated onto the surface. Any abrasive cleaners used on these taps will quickly wear the layer away exposing the chrome underneath.