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Bath Taps

There are three main types of bath tap:



This section deals with standard bath taps but we have plenty of information available on all three.

If you have a separate overbath shower or if you are not going to be using a shower in the bath then you can choose standard bath taps or a bath filler for your bathroom.

The majority of homes in the UK have standard bath taps. They tend to be the same design as basin taps and are usually slightly larger (but not always).

Most bath taps are designed to be fed by larger supply pipes than sink taps, although the flow of water will depend on several factors, such as the size of the valve inside the tap body.

Some bath taps have ceramic disc valves which only require a quarter turn whereas cheaper taps tend to have traditional rubber-washered valves.

Traditional bathroom taps are also available although most people tend to use a telephone style bath shower mixer when putting together this style of bathroom suite. These Tudor chrome bath taps are a quite neat design, but lend themselves to a Victorian style bathroom.