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Basin Mixer Tap

Until recently, the majority of wash hand basins sold in the UK were of the traditional 2 tap hole design that utilised a pair of basin taps and a conventional chain and plug. The one tap hole basin that has been commonplace on the continent for years is now becoming more and more popular in the UK and as a consequence the monoblock (1 tap hole) basin mixer tap is the favoured choice.



A basin mixer tap usually comes complete with a pop-up basin waste operated by a lever at the back of the tap. Some mixers do not have this feature - such as tall mixer taps that are designed to be used with a sit-on sink or glass bowl.

If you have a three tap hole wash hand basin then you are going to need a special mixer designed specifically for this type of bathroom sink. With this type of tap the main body of the mixer is hidden under the counter or vanity basin and only the tap head and spout are visible. Again, some models have a pop up waste while others do not.

Some vanity basins are moulded with one tap hole but have recesses moulded into them with a very thin layer of china covering the second and third tap holes. This thin china can then be removed very carefully, either by drilling or cutting to provide a 3 tap hole option for a suitable mixer.

Traditional or period design taps can also available as a monoblock mixer but the range of 1 tap hole basins in the traditional style is more limited.

Nearly all taps are available in chrome but gold effect taps are now becoming less common. There are other finishes available such as nickel and brushed effects but some of these show fingermarks much more readily than standard chrome taps.