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Contemporary Double Ended Flat Top Bath

Flat top baths are a variation on the roll top design with a flat rather than curved upper surface. The following bath is available online from Trueshopping

 A double ended flat top luxury freestanding bath with centre tap holes. Made with double skinned Acrylic, this beautiful bath is available with a choice of  Ball and Claw, Large Claw, or Modern feet, all in Polished Chrome. These baths are hand crafted from double skinned acrylic sheet of 4-6mm thicknesss each , reinforced with 6-8 mm of resin between. This construction results in a high quality, very stable product, with an overall thickness of 14-20mm thickness on the edges and upto 25mm on the base. Dimensions are approx: 1740mm x 792mm width. Height without feet 49cm with feet 60cm.

Double Ended Flat Top Bath

Contemporary Double Ended Flat Top Bath
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