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Small Bath

If your bathroom is restricted in size then you might not have enough space to fit a standard size bath (1700mm x 70mm) so some form of small bath will be your only option. There are several alternatives available depending on the available space:



The obvious disadvantage of a small bath is that there is very little "lying down" room - in fact taller users might find it very uncomfortable. If you use your it mainly for showering this is not such a great problem and a small bath will still be useable for bathing children.

A sit bath tend to be even shorter - usually around 1200mm long. They are deeper than a normal bath and usually have a seat moulded into the design which enables the bather to sit upright in the bath rather than lie down. Being deep, they are a little more difficult to get in and out of if you are using the bath for showering.

An offset corner bath can be a good compromise if you are restricted in length but not in width. They are usually 1500mm long but the bathing area is angled so it is usually longer than that of a standard, straight 1500mm small bath. Widths vary from 900mm upward depending on the design. If in doubt ask the showroom staff if you can lie down in the bath to test it out for yourself.

You could of course refrain from installing a bath all together and just go for a large shower cubicle. This is fine unless you are planning on selling your house, as most people (especially families with small children) prefer a bath to shower.

Large Bath

A large bath is generally any model with dimensions greater than that of a standard bath. There are some very large baths on the market with shapes ranging from diamond, oval, circular and square as well as the more usual rectangle. Baths longer than the standard 1700mm are ideal for tall users and give more room for lying down for all.

Most bath manufacturers will provide the capacity of the bath which should be made note of as not all heating systems are up to the task of filling these larger volumes. Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the overall weight of the bath when full as this can increase quite dramatically as the size increases.