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Tall Cupboard Unit

A tall cupboard unit is one of the components that make up modular fitted bathroom furniture. In the diagram below the rest of the components have been faded-out to highlight the tall cupboard unit.



A tall cupboard unit will set the overall height of the installation is it is being fitted in conjunction with other base units and wall units - the wall units will need to line up with the top of the tall unit. If bridging panels are being used then a separate full-depth piece will be required for the top of the unit to provide a uniform height to each component. Tall units offer a great deal of storage for a quite small "footprint" so are an ideal inclusion in modular bathroom furniture if space is limited and storage is to be maximized.

tall cupboard unit for fitted bathroom furniture

Options include open units with no doors, units with doors top and bottom and a shelving gap in the middle or mirror doors. These option are not universal but vary from make to make and depend on the bathroom furniture manufacturer. The door finish is usually different to that of the carcass which is fine if the units are being run wall to wall but If the side of the tall cupboard unit is visible then the difference in colour will be noticeable. Manufacturers sometimes provide separate panels to fix onto the visible surface of the cupboard or sometimes a replacement for the carcass end finished in the door colour.