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Walk In Shower

As shower cubicle designs have grown ever larger, with customers looking for more space, walk-in showers have become feasible. With this shower design the enclosure requires no door - the glass panels that make up the walls are angled to ensure direct spray cannot escape through the open entrance way (providing the shower head is fitted in the correct position.

An example of the a walk in shower cubicle is shown below. The shower is available online from Trueshopping

:walk in shower from Trueshopping

There are usually right hand and left hand version of walk in showers available - the shower shown above is classed as a right hand by this manufacturer but this terminology can vary from make to make depending on the shower manufacturer. Walk in shower cubicles usually employ a frameless design as this makes the unit less obtrusive and keeps it feeling open.

Walk in shower trays are usually installed flat on the floor to try and emulate a wet room - where you simply walk straight into the showering area with no doors or barriers. You need to ensure that your bathroom is suitable for this sort of installation as the waste pipes need to be run below floor level for the tray to be fitted this way. If this is not feasible then alternative shower cubicles will need to be considered.

Some walk in shower products consist simply of a glass screen. This is designed to be used in a wet room where the floor and walls of the room act as the "cubicle" with the glass screen simply acting as a barrier to keep water from splashing the rest of the room where other bathroom components are sited (W.C. basin etc.)