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Corner Shower Cubicles

The most common shower cubicle is the corner type. These are available in a very wide range of sizes: some square, some rectangular. Most entry-level cubicles will usually consist of a shower tray, a glass side panel and a glass pivot door.



The door can usually be fitted to the left or right hand of the corner and also pivot from the left or right - but this is not always the case so check before buying. Rather than being hinged at the edge of the door this type has a pivot point slightly inboard. This reduces the entry aperture slightly (not enough to make entry difficult) but has the advantage of making the opening arc of the door slightly smaller than it would be with a hinge mechanism. This can be a great advantage in a small bathroom where space is limited or other items restrict the available opening radius. The general trend toward minimalism also applies to shower cubicles with many frameless designs now being employed to make the cubicle feel more "open". Hinged shower doors generally tend to be of a more robust construction and as a consequence more expensive but many of these are frameless in design so their appearance is greatly improved over a framed design.

Sometimes there might be other bathroom items fitted either side of the corner bathroom cubicle. For example there may might be a basin one side and the WC on the other. If these items hinder the opening of a pivot door then you will need to select an alternative arrangement. Options include a corner entry cubicle or an inswing door - our shower enclosure page highlights all of the different door types available.

Of course you do not have to use a square or rectangular shower cubicle in a corner - there are also quadrant shaped cubicles and pentagon shaped ones. Quadrant cubicles tend to use sliding doors whereas pentagon cubicles use the same type of doors and side panels as square/rectangular cubicles but with special angles joining pieces.