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Bespoke Shower Cubicles

Although shower cubicles are available in a very large range of shapes and sizes there are still occasions where there is nothing suitable off the shelf available for a particular application.



It could be that you specifically would like a shower cubicle commissioned to your own specifications and design for part of a completely unique bathroom installation. More commonly your requirement will be due to necessity. The room where the cubicle is to be sited could have an awkward protrusion or the shower might be located in a loft or attic where one or more of the walls are sloping.

In most loft situations one or more of the enclosure component can usually be used off the shelf. Commonly the shower tray and door will be suitable but the side panel will need to be made to measure as the ceiling cuts across the corner at an angle. As all roofs are constructed at different angles there are no readily available options other than having a bespoke panel made to fit your particular situation. This will cost more than a ready made panel but as it is a flat, straightforward component it should not be prohibitively expensive. If you need the shower door to be made to measure this will cost slightly more. If the price is outside you budget there could be several options open to you:

Sometime you might require a bespoke cubicle due to a protrusion into the shower area. Items such as joists, beams, pipiework or ducts might run exactly where you want to site you shower. Be careful if these have be boxed in and tiled over - especially if this will result in a horizontally tiled surface. Used the correct backing board for the tiles and ensure the substrate is rock solid before tiling as any movement will result in cracked grout, which in turn can lead to leaks and subsequent water damage.

Wet rooms are by their very nature unique to the property in which they are installed. Often a frameless, plain glass screen is employed to limit the amount of spray directed around the room while retaining the walk-in shower design. Most are designed to be used in conjunction with a supporting bracket that will attach to the wall or sometimes the ceiling. Some wet room designs will require a screen size or shape which is not available off the shelf, or it could be that the bathroom designer is looking for a particular effect which require a bespoke shower screen or cubicle.

Manufacturers who offer a bespoke, made to measure service include: