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Buying Shower Cubicles

You will need to set a budget for a shower cubicle before buying but there are quite a few other considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure your chosen shower is the right one for you, your bathroom and your home.



When preparing your bathroom design the following issues need to be addressed to integrate the shower cubicle into your overall plans for the room.

The Size of The Cubicle

The cubicle needs to be of an adequate size to ensure it is useable without feeling cramped but not so large that it impinges on floor-space within the room. It should not look too imposing otherwise it can make the room feel smaller. Very small shower cubicles (700mm square or less) should be avoided if at all possible as they offer very little in the way of elbow room, and can be very restrictive for larger users.

The price usually increases with the size of the unit but this is not always the case and there are usually some bargains to be had if you shop around for a cheap shower cubicle. Buying online can save you money in some instances but you do not get to see and feel the cubicle at first hand like you would in a bathroom showroom.

The Shape Of The Cubicle

The shape of the cubicle can almost be as important as the size of the cubicle when comes to the visual impact it can have in a room. If you are trying to shoehorn a large cubicle into a small room it is usually advisable to opt for a quadrant shaped unit. This shape does not present a hard corner and curves away from the line of sight giving the impression of more space in the room while retaining a large showering area. Pentagon shaped cubicles are another option but do not pull off the visual trick quite as well.

Shower Cubicle Glass

The glass used in most shower cubicles tends to be clear, toughened safety glass. Some glass has a modesty panel etched onto the surface and a few have the whole surface etched. Clear glass will help to make the room look bigger and will make the enclosure feel bigger when in use.

Be aware that there have been several cases of counterfeit cubicles available on the market that were not made from safety glass so make sure you are buying from a reputable source.

Cubicle Frame

The overwhelming trend in bathroom design these days is toward a minimal, white and chrome, fuss-free look and cubicle manufacturers have followed suit. The sizes of the frames surrounding the glass of the cubicle have been reduced in size or even eliminated in some cases, to tie-in with the minimalist approach. Sometimes this has an effect on the overall adjustment available for installation which can be an issue if the cubicle needs to be fitted to out-of-true walls.

Shower Walls

Most walls are not 100% square, flat or level so the adjustment available from the cubicle needs to be sufficient to cope with any variations that might present themselves in the location you are siting the shower. Very uneven walls might need to be levelled and re-tiled prior to the installation of the cubicle.

There are shower wall panels that are available as an alternative to bathroom tiles which can help with installation as they are a little more tolerant of uneven surfaces than tiles.