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Hot Tub

Hot tubs have grown in popularity since the 70's and are now seen as the ideal way to relax and soak away the aches and strains of modern fast paced life.



The original hot tubs were made of wood which although aesthetically pleasing, harboured bacteria and were problematic to maintain so more modern materials started to get used in their construction.

These days acrylic hot tubs have taken over as the most popular choice and as they are moulded they are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes from small two-person tubs to party-sized pools!

Most hot tubs consist of :

The tub is usually filled manually (with a hosepipe) and the water is then brought up to temperature by the heater. It takes a long time to heat up such a large volume of water so once warm, the heater will maintain this temperature constantly ensuring the hot tub is always ready for use. Obviously this involves some cost in terms of energy so it is worth checking with your supplier as to the estimated cost of running the hot tub (see our buying guide for more information). The water condition will need to be checked regularly and treated with the recommended chemicals to ensure the correct Ph value is achieved.

A hot tub is a significant purchase for most households so it is important to make sure you do your homework before you buy - see our buying guide for more information. As well as the initial purchase price there are other costs to take into consideration:

If you are on a water meter there is also the cost of the water itself to consider.

A hot tub that has the lowest showroom prices might cost more to operate in the long run so make sure you get all the information you need before you buy.