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Hot Tub Filter

All hot tubs will have some form of filter built into them, usually in the form of a filter cartridge or cartridges accessed through a top-loading chamber in the shell.



Filtration is a gradual with more and more particles being trapped on each successive pass through the filter. It is vital that the system allows an equivalent volume to all of the hot tub water to pass through the filters, many times a day. To be effective water also needs to be adequately agitated to ensure that there are no "deadspots" in the water that never get filtered (this is also relevant to ozone generators)

The more use a hot tub gets the more important sufficient filtration becomes. A hot tub with four occupants will produce 4 times as much waste debris as one with a sole occupant so it is vital the filters can do their job properly, otherwise water quality will decline, the water can become cloudy and scum and grime can build up on the hot tub shell at the waterline. To resolve filtration problems hot tub owners have to resort to extra chlorine or bromine shock treatments, ozone generators and more frequent water changes to keep the problem at bay. Water clarifiers can sometimes help by making the debris form bigger "clumps" making them more likely to get trapped in the filter.

If the filter gets very dirty the pump has to work harder especially if there is no bypass system built into it. Bypass filtration is designed to avoid  the filter and pump exceeding their capacity to do their job should there too much of a vacuum in the system due to a clogged filter - avoiding overloading any of the components.

Filters in hot tubs are designed to be rinsed and re-used a number of times before they replacing. You should always keep a stock of filters and make a note of when your filters are due to be cleaned or replaced.