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Hot Tub Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are used to help kill bacteria in the hot tub water and reduce the amount of chemicals needed for effective control of the water quality.



Oxygen molecules usually consist of two Oxygen atoms but an Ozone molecule consists of three Oxygen atoms - making it less stable but also more reactive. The ozone produced reacts with bacteria, viruses and other contaminants killing them by oxidising them. Although ozone helps keep the water clean it is not 100% effective so you will still need to use other forms of water treatment such as Bromine or Chlorine based systems - but in smaller quantities than would be required if the hot tub had no ozonator.

Ultra violet (UV) and corona discharge (CD) are the two most popular types of hot tub ozone generator, with the CD version being slightly more expensive but also more effective as they produce higher levels of ozone.

The ozone produced needs to distributed evenly through the water in the hot tub and so they operate in conjunction with the hot tub's pump to ensure effective circulation. Once the unit is switched off the ozone will dissipate rapidly so it is vital that they are run for several hours each day to help keep the water as clean as possible.