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Folding Shower Door

Many bathrooms have very little in way of wasted space available with the dimensions usually just large enough to mount a basin and pedestal, toilet and bath into fixed locations in the room. En-suite shower rooms are usually even smaller with very little room to manoeuvre when it comes to install a cubicle, basin and W.C.



The walls of the en-suite frequently make up three sides of the cubicle with a shower door across the front to finish it off. The style chosen is commonly some form of folding door as these do not open out into the cramped space outside the cubicle - they fold inwards.

The most popular type of folding doors is the bi-fold where it splits in two and hinge inwards inside. These are suitable for most shower cubicles and can often be used in conjunction with a fixed panel to adapt the size to a larger opening.

The folding door illustrated below forms one side of the cubicle with a fixed glass panel making up the other side. The frame of the door is polished silver which looks the part with the other chrome items installed inside the shower - cheap doors tend to use a white powder coated finish. If the room is finished in white tiles then a white frame looks fine but where other colours are involved polished silver will usually look best. Waterproof wall panels have been used in place of bathroom tiles on the walls which in this instance are of a mosaic design.

folding shower door in polished silver

There is a chrome mixer shower valve fitted to the wall feeding a slider rail kit with the shower head attached. Supplementary storage shelves have been added in the corner which can prove invaluable for storing all the shampoo and soap that would otherwise be left on the shower tray or have to be taken into the shower with you.