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Cheap Shower Cubicle

Many large housing projects will require cubicles be installed and quite often a contract style shower will be used for this purpose. These are no frills, cheap shower cubicles designed to perform their function but keep the overall build cost down. Householders may also install these in their homes if the budget is tight or there if the shower is to be used infrequently.



Although considerably less expensive than mid or top end cubicles, a cheap shower package will still perform the task of keeping showering water from escaping into the rest of the bathroom. Usually the cheapest way of buying this type of cubicle is to by a package deal which would normally consist of a pivot shower door, a fixed side panel and a shower tray. This set-up is designed for use in a corner of a room (see our shower cubicle page for more information). The pivot door will usually have the corner post built into the frame, as opposed to a separate being a separate profile. This means that it is not always feasible to use this type of cubicle in a recess or alcove setting, where the fixed panel is discarded and the door used on its own (as a cheap shower "package deal" can still prove less expensive than buying a separate tray and pivot door).

cheap shower cubicle package

The panel and door sides can be reversed to suit the room accordingly and but it is not always possible to alter the pivot point of the door so that it hinges from one rather than the other. Check before buying a cheap shower cubicle if this might be an issue.