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Bathroom Sizes

The size of your bathroom can play a big part in determining which products to opt for when you are looking to buy a bathroom suite.



The shape of the bathroom can also be critical to the overall design as certain products just will not fit into certain room shapes. For example it can be very difficult to fit a corner bath into a small "L" shaped or "T" shaped bathroom, especially if the size of the room is not that great. There are some small corner baths available but it is best to look at these carefully before buying as they do not have a great amount of lying down room. In a bigger bathroom a large corner bath can help fill up the space if the room is to avoid looking too open. Roll top or freestanding baths are also ideal in a larger bathroom but the supply and waste pipe run to and from the bath need to be carefully thought out - see our roll top bath section for more information.

Shower Cubicles

Large shower cubicles make showering a pleasure but they can make a small bathroom feel very "closed in". This effect can be partially offset by buying a quadrant cubicle. Although the showering area is only marginally less than an equivalent square or rectangular enclosure the quadrant cubicle will be less visually imposing than a cubicle with a hard corner. There are many options when it comes to the choice of sizes for shower cubicles with many available in offset designs which is ideal if you have plenty or room in one direction but not the other. Before buying a very small shower cubicle you should ideally find one on display and stand inside because they can feel a little too claustrophobic especially for larger users. Many en-suite bathrooms are just large enough to accommodate a small shower cubicle, a toilet and a cloakroom basin in which case the choice of components is very limited. A large en-suite bathroom will be subject to the same rules of bathroom design as a regular bathroom.

Large Bathrooms

Large bathrooms need careful planning to do justice to the finished job. Buying a bathroom suite and then fitting the components around the perimeter of the room will result in a very sparse, uninteresting look with an empty amount of floor space in the centre of the room. As mentioned previously, a roll top bath can be the ideal way of occupying the available space more efficiently and providing a focal point for the room. A large shower cubicle can have a similar effect but this will be limited to installation against a wall. Many of the new walk in shower cubicles are truly stunning to look at and can give your bathroom design a real lift.

Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage can also be used in a large bathroom either along a feature wall or around the whole of the room. Larger bathroom might have enough space for his'n'hers vanity basins which are a practical and attractive feature where two vanity basins are fitted next to each other. The bathroom storage can be in the form of freestanding units or built in cabinets which are similar in concept to kitchen units. Individual modular cabinets of varying sizes can be joined together and finsihed off with a countertop. Wall units can also be fitted ensuring there is plenty of storage space for all of the usual toileteries and cleaning products associated with the bathroom.