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Bathroom Design Requirements

Customers often have specific design requirements that will influence their choices when buying a new bathroom suite.



The requirements will usually fall into one of two categories:

When planning the overall look of your bathroom you might well have a specific image in mind of how you want the finished room to look. You might want a bright, crisp, clean design with ultra modern bathroom fittings with little in the way of dressing, accessories or additional decoration. Conversely you may well prefer a warmer, cosy, more homely approach to the design to meet your requirements or even something half way between these two options.

These sort of choices are very personal and will reflect your tastes and aspirations for the design. If you are considering using the services of a bathroom designer then this is the type of information they will need in order to put a proposal, plan or computer simulation together that will encompass the types of products and finishes you desire.

The functional requirements can vary greatly and can be quite specific in nature. For example there might be a very tall person in your household that might find a standard length bath (1700mm) too short and requires a longer bath to suit their needs. There could be someone in the home that finds it difficult getting in and out of the bath so a large shower cubicle might be a more suitable choice. Sometimes it is tricky to balance all of the requirements but with the huge range of bathroom products available these days there is usually something that can be selected that can be worked into the design.

As well as functional requirements there might also be functional restrictions. For example your heating system might not have the capacity to fill a very large bath or there may be height limitations in an attic or dorma bathroom that prevents the installation of an off-the-shelf shower cubicle. These restrictions can either be worked around (using the bath example you could install a smaller bath) or eliminated (by installing a beefier heating system).

So before you rush out to buy a bathroom suite or shower cubicle make sure you have a clear idea of your design requirements to ensure you end up with the type of products that will meet your needs.