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Extra Long Shower Curtain

The majority of shower curtains sold in the UK have a 1.8mt drop.



When fitting a wall mounted shower curtain rod, or rail, this length will be sufficient as the installation height can be adjusted to suit the length of your curtain and the height of your bath. There are situations, however, where the standard length is not insufficient and you will need an extra long shower curtain - for example if you are fitting a shower tray but are not installing a shower cubicle.

Plumbworld have several shower curtains that are longer than average and all of them are available via their website - click the button below to find out more

 Extra Long Shower Curtain  

These long shower curtains can also be useful if you are thinking of fiting your shower curtain rail to the ceiling rather than suspending it from the ceiling and wall brackets. Fitting to the ceiling results in a very sturdy installation but you need a shower curtain rail that has a chanell at the bottom of the rail for the runners - it will not work with a shower curtain rod.