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Limestone Tiles

The beauty of natural stone can be brought into the home by fitting limestone tiles in your bathroom. A large proportion of the tiles available in limestone are light in colour and this natural look has become one of the most popular finishes for bathrooms, regularly seen in upmarket showrooms and glossy magazines.



Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcite, a mineral which itself is derived from the remains of marine organisms. Sometimes the fragments of tiny shells can be seen among the minerals on the surface of the tile, emphasising the material's natural beginnings and adding to its appeal.

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Limestone, being a sedimentary rock, tends to be slightly softer and more absorbent than other metamorphic stones. This means that tiles made from limestone need to be selected carefully to ensure they are suitable for use in the proposed locations. Some limestones are harder than others making them more suitable for use as floor tiles so check with your supplier before purchasing to ensure you end up with the right tiles for the job in hand.

Tiles made from limestone are available in a variety of different colours, sizes and finishes. A lot of limestone will be light in colour but darker shades are available, caused by different minerals being present during the formation of the stone. These impurities will also lend each individual tile a unique pattern - something that ceramic tile manufacturers find difficult to emulate but all part of the inherent beauty of a natural stone. The sizes of tiles can very from the very large to the very smallest mosaic with plenty of option in between. This enables patterns to be laid using groups of three or more tiles together in a repeating pattern - see our wall tiles page for some examples.

limstone tiles in a shower area

Some limestone tiles are available with a polished finish whiles others display a honed surface which is matt in appearance. The tiles can have crisp, straight, machine-cut edges or they can be given a more aged and rustic look when available in a tumbled finish.

As well as tiles, limestone is also used to make other components for the bathroom including sit-on vanity bowls, recessed vanity bowls and shower trays.