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Install a Venturi Shower

There are many types of shower that can be installed in a property. The following information is designed to aid in the process of selecting a shower by outlining the basic installation process required to install a venturi shower - it is not intended to provide detailed fitting instructions.*



Your heating system can play a vital part in deciding which shower you install as some are a lot easier to fit than others. A large proportion of houses in the UK have low pressure, stored hot water. The location of the hot water cylinder can be in an airing cupboard next to the bathroom or it cloud be some distance away (or even on a different floor). If there is no shower installed at the property quite often the bathroom will have all of the cold water appliances - cold bath tap, cold basin tap and toilet - fed by mains water pressure with tank pressure water only feeding the hot taps. This set-up is not suitable for many mixer showers as many will require a separate, low pressure, cold water feed so that both feeds are of equal pressure. This will be relatively simple to install if the bathroom is near the storage tanks but trickier if further away. One solution is to use a venturi shower.

A venturi shower takes high pressure, mains cold water and low pressure, tank-fed hot water and mixes them via a special venturi nozzle in the mixing chamber. This uses the mains pressure water to suck the hot water through the valve resulting in a quite powerful shower without the need for pumps or extra pipework.

See the following pages for more information on installing each of these showers:

*There are many rules and regulations that govern the installation of bathroom,  plumbing and electrical components. These vary from time to time and also from country to country. Always use a qualified tradesman to install plumbing or electrical components to ensure your products are installed in accordance with the local regulations applicable at the time of installation.