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Bathroom Tile Ideas

When decorating your bathroom if you have decided on tiles then you might need to have a look around to formulate some ideas as how you want the overall design to appear. There is a wealth of information available but where is the best pace to start?

The internet is as good as any place as there are masses of web sites dedicated to bathrooms and tiles and most of these will provide detailed images of tiles and photos of them in room settings. This is ideal as by looking at whole rooms it is easier to get a feel for the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Magazine can also be a good source of ideas and there are plenty of titles to choose from on most newsagents shelves. Most will also have their own website with even more information and detail to help you choose your options.

You may have seen a particular design that you like at a friend or relative's house or even in a hotel. All can be sources of inspiration when looking for bathroom tile ideas. TV shows can also prove to be an influence over your choices as a whole host of home makeover programs are available. Although many tend not to concentrate exclusively on bathrooms (they are generally small rooms and so difficult to film in) they will usually demonstrate some useful ideas when planning the room.

 ideas for using tiles in bathrooms

But if you want to see the tiles "in the flesh" then a bathroom or tile showroom is the place to go. Specialist showrooms are usually the best (as large DIY stores tend not to have full room settings for their bathroom displays) and they will usually provide different, individual ideas to the visitor.