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Straight Bath

The dimensions of many of the UK's bathrooms are derived from the size of a standard, straight bath (1700x700mm).



As a consequence they are the most popular style of bath used in the UK, and straight baths offer the widest choice of sizes and design. Most of these are offered at the standard size although small baths are available at 1500mm long. Baths larger than the standard size are becoming increasingly common as customers look for a little more luxury in their bathrooms.

Although the external dimensions of the bath are important you should also pay particular attention to the internal dimensions. The gently contoured, sculpted lines inside the bath may look nice but they can also encroach into the bathing area and can make even a large bath feel cramped. Also note that soap dishes moulded into the design can affect the performance of bath shower screens and shower curtains and head-rests and other design touches that utilise a raised area above the bath rim can lead to water puddles that don't drain away easily - especially when showers are installed above such features. The current trend is for smooth geometric lines so that features such as bath grips and soap dishes are now less popular.

Straight baths are available in a variety of materials, including acrylic, ABS, cast iron and steel. There are more details on our bath materials page