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Roll Top Bath Feet

Some roll top baths have covered in sides or wooden plinths but the vast majority have stylised feet to support the bath and raise it off the floor.



The majority of feet are made from metal but there are also some made from a cast resin material. Most feet are designed to be used with a specific bath (i.e. they are not universal) and are bolted in place. A traditional setting would utilise a roll top bath design with claw foot legs, antique style taps and stand pipes but the same bath could be used in a modern setting providing the manufacturer makes the bath available with modern feet. Modern feet tend to be smooth in design and are cylindrical in design.

There are several different styles of feet for roll top baths:

Some roll top baths have a tubular frame running around the outside of the bath. The frame serves the purpose of cradling the bath with the feet/legs incorporated into the framework.