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Roll Top Bath Cradle

Roll top or freestanding baths started off as copies of old cast iron baths but it was soon apparent to many designers that this style of bath could be used as the basis for a more up-to-date design.



The same curved oval roll top bath shape was set into a wooden frame to provide a modern look that would instantly be the focal point of any bathroom. Different manufacturers have come up with variations on the actual frame and have also started using more angular shaped baths. Some have opted for a complete chunky looking frame that runs right around the perimeter of the bath, sometimes raised slightly off the floor by the use of integral legs, sometimes flat on the floor. Other manufacturers have opted for a wooden cradle at either end of the bath (attached in the positions where standard roll top bath legs would be fitted). The roll top bath cradles and frames are made out of various different woods and vary from make to make with both light and dark woods utilised.

The combination of a stylish bath with a solid looking wooden frame is a very attractive one resulting in some stunning designs that would grace any bathroom.