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There is a huge choice of bathroom and shower products available in the UK these days and this can make the decision making process a daunting task when it comes to buying new items. If you are looking to buy a bathroom suite, install a shower or give your bathroom a complete makeover, Tubz UK can help. Some of our specialist sections include:

Hot Tubs

hot tub

a whole new section dedicated to hot tubs including detailed technical help and buying info

Bathroom Cladding

bathroom cladding

bathroom cladding is a waterproof panel system that is ideal for covering walls or ceilings in bathrooms and showers


there is a new section devoted to tiles: floor tiles, wall tiles ceramic and natural stone


shower cubicle

our shower sections information on everything from power showers to shower cubicles


The website contains a series of buying guides that will describe some of the issues that can affect the successful installation of the products in question. We avoid using technical jargon and just try to highlight issues you might need to consider - they are not designed as definitive installation guides.

information on bathroom ceilings

We have guides to help you with bathroom design, bathroom style tips, links to bathroom manufacturers and bathroom retailers as well as easy-to-understand technical advice.

When looking to completely remodel your bathroom there are plenty of things you need to consider in addition to the bathroom suite itself: showers; cubicles, walls, floor, ceilings, accessories and bathroom design. Luckily we have plenty of information on all of these topics - and more a whole bucketful more.

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