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Water Taps

Water taps come in a huge variety of styles, designs shapes and finishes.

In the past the norm was for two basin taps on the basin and either two bath taps on the bath or a bath shower mixer. These days there is much more choice with bath fillers, water spouts, basin mixer taps and even baths filled by a waterfall from the ceiling!

Styles have edged towards clean, minimal designs with chrome being the dominant finish. Satin chrome is another popular finish but it is harder to keep looking clean than a standard chrome water tap.

Gold or gold effect taps tend to be limited to antique styles. These taps are usually a standard chrome taps that has had a thin electro-plated finish applied to it to give the gold effect. As a consequence they have to be looked after very carefully and strong bathroom cleaners have to be avoided or the taps can turn green! Abrasive cleaners will just remove the gold-plating all together.


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