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Toilet Seats

Until recently the UK toilet seat market was pretty uninteresting - until the arrival of some very funky toilet seat designs!


Manufacturers now make toilet seats from a variety of materials including:

  • solid wood toilet seats
  • acrylic toilet seats
  • foil wrapped HDF seats
  • wood veneer toilet seats
  • pvc toilet seats
  • epoxy coated wood


Replacement Toilet Seats

Replacement toilet seats are oval in design and will fit most standard toilet bowls. However there are some toilet bowl designs that are round and some that are square, in which case you will need to buy a round toilet seat or a square toilet seat - but neither of these are standard, the design being unique to each manufacturer. You also need to be aware that certain continental toilet designs will not accept a standard replacement toilet seat as they have their own special hinge arrangement.

There are some very cheap toilet seats available, but these should be avoided as they tend not to last very long.

Follow this link if you need a discontinued toilet seat


Novelty Toilet Seat

There are many novely toilet seats available, and most are made out of a clear resin with different items or patterns cast into them. Novelty toilet seats tend to be oval in design with standard chrome fittings, making them suitable for most, but not all, toilet pan designs.



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