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Toilet Cistern - Low Level

Low level toilet cisterns have been overtaken in popularity by close coupled toilets.

These days, low level cisterns only tend to get installed where someone is looking to incorporate some period detail into their property.


The toilet cistern and toilet pan are separate items that are connected by a flushpipe. This makes positioning the pan a lot easier than is the case with a close coupled toilet, where the cistern is attached directly to the toilet pan.

Plastic flush pipes are colour co-ordinated with the toilet cistern, but flush pipes can obtained in metal with a chrome or gold effect finish.

Low level toilet pans used with these type of cisterns are generally of the "H.O." design (horizontal outlet) but "P" trap and "S" trap pans can also be used although these are now less common. "S" trap toilet pans are ideal if the soil pipe exits through the floor and space is at a premium, as they are quite a compact design.



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