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Sink Taps

When choosing sink taps the main deciding factor will the number of tap holes in your sink. Monobloc mixer taps are used where there on a one tap hole basin; a pair of standard sink taps are used on a two tap hole sink; a special three tap hole sink mixer is needed for a three tap hole sink.


Monobloc Mixer Tap

This type of sink tap usually comes complete with a pop-up waste operated by a lever at the back of the tap. Monobloc taps are very neat and are ideally suited to today's minimalist bathroom designs. Glass sinks usually use some sort of monobloc tap, but you should be carful if buying the tap separately from the bowl as there can be compatability issues- try and buy the tap and sink from the same source to avoid any problems.

Standard Sink Taps

This type of tap is the most common in the UK and therefore the choice available is huge, with something to suit all budgets and tastes. The basic design has been around for years, but there are some very up-to-the-minute styles avialble. Sink taps need to be used with a standard basin waste with a chain and plug.

Three Hole Sink Mixer Tap

The main body of this type of tap is hidden under the sink, with just the tap heads and spout visible on the surface. Although very neat, they do not offer the same degree of minimalism as monobloc mixer taps and are therefore not that common.


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